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Making the most of your trip to Africa.

Giving back

Ecotourism helps to protect Africa’s wildlife, and provide better access to education and healthcare for communities and education is of great importance.

To contribute to community or wildlife organisations, charities or initiatives during your time in Africa or once you return home, please ask us for advice on how best to donate your time, money or talents.

During your safari holiday, you may have the opportunity to witness conservation and community initiatives in action, and even to get involved.
Pack for a Purpose – ask us for advice on using spare space in your bags to bring essential educational supplies to Africa.

When to Travel

Every season in Africa offers unique reasons to visit, and we can advise you on the ideal time to go to each destination.

The winter months tend to be drier, leading to easier wildlife viewing, As vegetation dies back and animals are forced to rely on waterholes, opportunities for photography may be better. Also, temperatures may be more reasonable during the dry season.

In general, availability and rates at lodges tend to be better during the African summer, and you’ll be sharing your safari with fewer people. The bush is at its most beautiful after the summer rains – the green season brings a profusion of new life and migrating species.

What to Pack

We’d recommend that you pack for comfort rather than style, and bear in mind that access to remote camps and lodges is usually by light aircraft charter. This means that you’ll need soft bags rather than suitcases, and we can advise you on applicable weight limits.

For detailed advice on what to pack, simply ask us.

Health & Wellbeing

Safari is an extremely safe holiday – you’ll be in the hands of experienced guides and camp managers who are experts in animal behaviour.

Certain medications or personal hygiene products may be more difficult to source in Africa, so it’s a good idea to bring enough for your entire trip.

As part of the planning process for your safari, we recommend visiting your physician or a travel clinic to discuss requirements for all the destinations on your itinerary, including malaria prophylaxis.

If you’re travelling to Africa from Australia, visit for advice on overseas travel.


Comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including medical evacuation insurance, are essential for any trip to Africa.

We can assist with arranging a suitable policy – please contact us for advice and our standard booking terms and conditions.

Travel Regulations and Requirements

We can advise on specific requirements relating to documentation for all the countries on our itineraries. The rules may be quite different to what you’re used to, but we can ensure that you avoid any unnecessary delays.


Visa requirements vary from country to country – some can be obtained on arrival, while others must be organised in advance. We can guide you on the latest requirements for each country you will be visiting.


Whilst many of the lodges, hotels and safaris we recommend are run on a fully inclusive basis and accept credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard), it is advisable to bring some cash with you (UD dollars are best) for smaller purchases such as souvenirs from local markets.


We can provide general guidelines for who, when and how much to tip. Of course, tipping is entirely at your discretion and while it is not expected, it will certainly be appreciated.


Photographs can be incredibly rewarding and provide you with lasting memories of your time in Africa.

While modern smartphones can take great everyday images, successful wildlife photography requires more specialist equipment – ask us for suggestions.

Many safari guides are keen photographers in their own right, and can help you get into position for the perfect shot.

Accreditation and terms & conditions

Remarkable Africa Pty Ltd is an AFTA member (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) and proudly an ATAS-accredited agent. Click here for more information.

Deposits are required to secure any reservation, with the balance generally being payable two months prior to your departure date.

Please click here for our Booking Terms and Conditions and here for our Privacy Policy